Grubhub Campus/Onsite Photoshoot

Year: 2022
Role: Primary Art Director
Art Director/Copywriter: Darren Bridges
Creative Director: Jeff Deibel
UI Designer: Kyle Misteravich

Photographer: Kelly Allison Productions
I had the opportunity to art direct a lifestyle and technology photoshoot for Grubhub Campus/Onsite. The goal of the shoot is to capture moments showcasing in subtle ways how Grubhub fits into the campus lifestyle whether studying, on a date, or just hanging out with friends. The second portion of the photoshoot is to capture our Grubhub Onsite technology in action on the campus setting from our app, to our POS system, as well as our Yandex pickup lockers. We showcased how Grubhub’s technology ease the tasks of BOH/FOH restaurant workers to students constantly on-the-go who need to get their meal as soon as possible.



Onsite UI

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